Last year (March 2017) I’ve made a design talk at GDGLisbon for an audience mostly composed of Developers. (

Mission: Trying to clarify some misconceptions about Usability, User Experience, User Interface, and also the importance of each one of these elements to build great products.

Good UI vs Bad UI

What are the conceptions behind a Bad UI or a Good UI? Is it Bad when Ugly? Is it Good when Beautiful? Is it just a matter of opinion? What makes us prefer one website over another?

Common misconceptions part I

If an interface has a good visual design it will be simple and easy to use

1st: Craigslist

Photo by Milad B. Fakurian on Unsplash

Inspired by the book “How to Think more Effectively — A guide to greater productivity, insight, and creativity”, I started to think about my own way of processing and analyzing information in life as well as in my design process.

In fact, I’ve never stopped before to think about my own thinking process before I came across this book (weird isn’t it?). I didn’t believe that ideas came to me by luck but what I didn’t think about before is that I could still optimise my thinking process, reframing it as I needed to.

One of the chapters that particularly…

Photo by Domingo Alvarez Eon Unsplash

Today we almost know everything that doesn’t work on a product or what kind of patterns work better for this or that situation. If we look at almost every landing page structure, email marketing campaign, or mobile apps’ UIs, maybe we all feel that everyone is following the same safety rules and speaking the same language.

Besides that, designers are always trying to understand the needs of users but somehow they rarely focus on the emotions that design evokes.

In addition to this, objective metrics are being the ‘key’ to measure a product's success.

So now that everyone is on…

About the project

This is a design proposal I did for the Moviepass IOS app redesign.
Stakeholders were asking for a UI that could have a more ‘theatre’ ambiance.
Also, they were asking for something that could highlight the brand a bit more and a UI that could be easy correlated with the brand.
On the other hand, they wanted to be possible to extend some of the created visuals to the website.


MoviePass, Inc. is an American subscription-based movie ticketing service majority-owned by Helios and Matheson Analytics. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in New York City, the service allows subscribers to…

Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash

This year World Usability Day was a bit different for me. I participated as a speaker in this 2-day event organized by Centro de Computação Gráfica from the University of Minho ( within the subject of “Designing for Good or Evil?”.

The idea of the presentation came from my experience as a designer, along the last 8 years dealing with the end-users, clients, and stakeholders. My goal was trying to highlight the importance of Designing for Good showing what happens when the Design is Evil for the User.

So, what happens when Design doesn’t work?

First, I would like to share some thoughts about what really is…

“Young girls protest at the Women's March holding feminist signs and posters” by Nicole Adams on Unsplash

Today is 9th March, the day after 8th March. I am a Woman and I take the opportunity to reflect on International Women’s Day because our day is any day we spend remembering our role in our society.

We (Women) have this day to celebrate our genre and to remember to all the world that our rights are not the same as men’s rights yet.

I took it more profoundly in my thoughts because for me, one of the fundamental things today is not only about showing others what we are capable of or what should be our rights. …


I’m Dizparada a passionate Digital Product Designer, currently @wearetrouva. A sunset lover and sports enthusiast. @GDGLisbon organizer.

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